Be enchanted by the ‘clear, blue, mysterious river’ of Hinatuan in Surigao del Sur

“Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.” This is the beginning line of the poem entitled, “Desiderata” which was written by American writer Max Ehrmann in 1927. The word ‘desiderata‘ is of Latin origin which means ‘desired things.’ When one speaks of desired things, it does not only pertain to material possessions but of all natural wonders, as well.

One of the most highly desired places in the Philippines is a hidden wonder where mysteries behind its existence varies from fairies, pixies, mermaids that gather together in a rendezvous of wonderful songs and plays that exists.

Photo Credit: The Daily Roar
Photo Credit: The Daily Roar

Local lore says mysterious creatures play and sing around the clear and bluish water of a river found in the town of Hinatuan located in Surigao del Sur.

According to the local tale, the Hinatuan river becomes clearer whenever the fairies touch its water.

The discovery of the river, which is dubbed as one of the most perfect hideaways in the country, is as mysterious as its existence because it is hardly known where the water really comes from.

The river, considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the Philippines flows straight into the Pacific Ocean with an unknown source.

One of the most distinct features of the enchanted river is its unfathomable depth. Many tourists manage to swim in the shallow part where the water’s color varies from aquamarine to blue.The dark blue part of the river is usually evaded because it is said to be the deepest part.

Visiting the place is one great experience for the adventure and mystery seekers. At exactly 12 noon, the caretaker rings the bell to alarm everyone to get out from the water, have a break for a brief “feeding time”.

The “hymn of Hinatuan” is played as auditory background and then a wonderful scene takes place with a massive school of fish popping out from nowhere.

Development has started to reach the area as cottages, picnic tables, tent and chairs are now available for picnic goers. Stalls, too are available offering a wide array of drinks and sumptuous meal mostly fresh including seafood.

For security and safety of the guests, lifeguards are on duty and always visible.

As respect to the unseen dwellers of the enchanted place as well as to mother Nature, smoking is prohibited in the premises. The facility is usually closed at 5:00 p.m. which means that no one is allowed to swim at night or go near the river. As the legend tells, the dusk is usually reserved for the mystical creatures not in this world to use it or simply watch over it.

The truth behind the legend of the underworld creatures remain a mystery to this time of modern technology. But, one thing remains certain…one can truly get enchanted with the scenery, the blissful ambiance, the experience of getting closer to the mystery of the underworld.

Come and visit the idyllic place and make it your ‘desiderata.’