Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo gives shirt to young boy fan after hitting him during free-kick

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

MADRID, Spain – Portuguese football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, gives his shirt to a young boy fan after his free-kicks during Real Madrid and Atletico match went wayward and hit the boy in the audience, as reported by Daily Mail.

Although devoting too much time training to mastering the art of the perfect set-piece, Ronaldo’s recent free-kick went wrong and hit the young boy audience at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid.

Spectators gathered in the stadium on Wednesday night, to watch the second-leg Champions League quarter-final.

A one-minute video was uploaded on Youtube, showing how Ronaldo gave his shirt to the young fan; went circulating in different social media sites and presently garnered more than 2 million views.

According to reports, Ronaldo flinched upon realizing the extent of the damage his kick had caused the kid, but cannot immediately do anything as he was ordered to continue preparing for the crucial tie with the rest of Carlo Ancelotti’s group.

However, as the final sprint drill had been completed, the 30-year-old athlete made a dash for the young fan and removed his training shirt.

Photo Credit: Globoble
Photo Credit: Globoble

Ronaldo offered the young boy the warm-up garment he is using, seemingly as a consolation for being on the receiving end of his shot.

Unsurprisingly, the kid was star-struck by the warm deed and becomes teary-eyed at the unexpected turn of events.

Netizens around the world lauded Ronaldo’s deed for the young fan.

A YouTube user commented, “Such is not honored on a mainstream level, such acts are hidden. Instead all negative press about Cristiano is shown. He always does good for his little fans and brings joy to them. God Bless Cristiano, the best player in the world.”

Another YouTube user commented that netizens should appreciate what Ronaldo did, saying “It’s very very touching moment. CR deserves two thumbs up!! Even He didn’t say anything to the kid, then what he did, explained so much, that He is a caring person.”

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