Heat index on Labor Day will reach scorching levels

Photo Credit: mb.com.ph

It’s Labor Day on Friday and that means there will be various celebrations across the country, celebrating the long weekend and the workers’ holiday. For others like the labor unions, it means marching on the street for better employment conditions. However, although a festive occasion, the predicted temperature for that day will most probably not cause a celebration with some parts of the country reaching the 40°C mark, according to weather bureau, the PAGASA.

The heat index is able to give the apparent temperature at a given time for a given place. It takes into account factors such as actual air temperature and humidity levels.

PAGASA said that the heat index will most probably reach 39.9°C. The state weather agency said it is indeed equivalent to the body temperature of a person who is suffering from a high fever. In Laoag, Ilocos Norte, the highest temperature will be felt on Friday – reaching to about 40.1°C.

Puerto Princesa will also experience a high temperature of 38.1 degrees while Iloilo and Bacolod City’s temperature is predicted to reach up to 37.1 degrees. Cebu’s metropolitan will experience a temperature of up to 36.9 degrees.

PAGASA cautioned the public to dehydrate themselves and to try their best not to exert so much effort especially when in direct exposure to the sun as this makes a person more vulnerable to fatigue. This could result in heat cramps.

Some of the state weather bureau’s tips on coping with the high temperature are as follows: staying indoor as much as you can, having lightweight and light-colored clothing, dehydrating by drinking water regularly and avoiding liquor. PAGASA also said it would help to eat small meals but more often would help. A protein-rich diet will increase the heat in the body due to metabolic heat.

One of the highest recorded temperatures in the country was in Tuguegarao City on May 11, 1969 with 42.2 degrees Celsius.