Hotel in the sky: Four Seasons unveils luxury private jet

What tops a business class plane ride? Probably a luxury hotel-style service up in the sky offered by one of the world’s well-known lavish hotelier.

CNN earlier reported that Four Seasons is set out to recreate their fancy hotel accommodation at 30,000 feet as they revealed the world’s first hotel private jet. The multi-starred hotel brand just released teasers showing what their hotel jet has to offer.

Privacy and comfort at its best with 52 flatbed seats, handcrafted leather and hand woven carpets, the aircraft sure lives up to the decor that is inspired by “caviar and champagne.”

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail
Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

The hotelier’s vice-president said, “In our hotels, spaces are conceived as settings for great experiences. The same is true for the Four Seasons Private Jet.”

“Along with the core objectives of comfort and functionality – and adherence to strict aircraft safety standards – we wanted to create an exceptionally luxurious ambiance, and Champagne and caviar became our inspiration,” he added.

Passengers will experience the full service with a Four Seasons-trained cabin crew of an executive chef, sous chef, concierge and guest services on board.

Chef Kerry Sear said, “Our aim is to recreate the hotel experience on the Four Seasons Private Jet, which means creating innovative meals using fresh ingredients, served on the finest tableware and linens, all with impeccable Four Seasons service.”

“The only real difference is that occasionally we have to do a little juggling when there’s turbulence,” he added.

The private jet is now open for booking for round-the-world trips next year, which starts in los Angeles and ends in London. The jam-packed plane ride that costs $132,000 per person includes stops and accommodations at Four Seasons hotels in Hawaii, Bora-Bora, Sydney, Bali, northern Thailand, Mumbai and Istanbul.

Here’s the teaser video of the luxury aircraft: