Is Marvel in hot water over “Iron Man” body armor?

Is it a case of David Vs. Goliath?

When Marvel company ignored the cease and desist letter given by the creators of “Radix” comic character, the brothers’ Ben and Ray Lai,  were prompted to file a case against them.

(Photo Credit: AVCLUB)
(Photo Credit: AVCLUB)

In an AVClub article, the Lai brothers claimed “marvel allegedly drew inspiration from their 2001 comic book series Radix when designing Iron Man’s cinematic costume.”

The articled also revealed the gist of the lawsuit filed by the brothers claiming,  “on the Iron Man comics feature, the character is in a “simple spandex-like attire and minimal armor,”  while in the film he is seen “wearing a fully mechanized suit of body armor” similar to their Radix design.”

The brothers wanted to prove the argument that, “Marvel was aware of and influenced by their work, rather than merely developing a similar idea independently.”

They also claimed, they were hired by Marvel after they made it into a media limelight prior to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s apology to them in 2002,  after the latter used their “Radix” inspired illustration for a grant proposal.

The brothers wanted to affirm in their lawsuit claims that, “The timing and negotiations leading to their  hiring is because of the artistic work on Radix .”

The brothers wanted to prove through their lawsuit that it was not until they submitted their works in Marvel that Marvel began illustrating Iron Man wearing a fully mechanized suits.

Their complaints does not only deal with the comic features but beyond the film.

Iron Man comics was first published in 1972, while Radix is in 2001. The first Iron Man film was released in 2008, the article stated.