Man spent 6 months creating Iron Man suit, only to find out he’s a little fat to fit in

A Chinese man spent a significant amount of money, time and effort in creating the superhero Iron Man suit; only to be disappointed that he can’t wear it because he’s a little chubby and short to fit inside.

Cheng Chen (left) posing with his Iron Man suit worn by his cousin who could only fit in sitting down (Credit: The Daily Mail)

A 27-year-old engineering student from Jianshu province, Cheng Chen, spent almost half-a-year of researching, constructing and painting Tony Stark’s revolutionary armored suit. But when he finally completed his project, it didn’t fit his size and had to try it with a cousin, who also failed to fit in, just like him.

According to Shanghaiist, Chen was inspired by his favorite superhero to create the costume of the Avenger’s leader after watching the last Iron Man 3 in 2013, a character played Hollywood actor Robert Downey, Jr.

Chen helping his cousin (Credit: The Daily Mail)

He embarked on his elaborate plan by researching information on the internet and asked suggestions from online forums. He also consulted other Iron Man fans to get as many details necessary as he can.

“Because I have always been single, I have a lot of time in my hands. The idea of constructing an Iron Man armour then came to mind,” he said. “I love the movie. Even my brother, now in Year 6, loves it. My initial idea was to make one for my little brother.”

To save some money, Chen used a type of plastic – ethylene-vinyl acetate – instead of metal. The material would also make the suit more flexible. He claimed the project cost him 500 Chinese yuan (US $81).

He divided the costume into 13 parts including the helmet, chest, mask and limb shields and painted them with red-and-gold using metallic paint. It also consisted of a power backpack and a LED laser gloves.

However, after completing the venture, he found out he was too fat by the side and would not fit in. He was also a little bit short of the 2-meter statuesque armor.

Credit: The Daily Mail

Refusing to give up, he asked his taller cousin to try out the suit, but the latter also failed and could only wear it sitting down. Now he is looking for any willing model who would finally fit into his Iron Man and be a ‘superhero’.

Netizens who have come to learn of the gaffe, suggested Cheng Chen should try making Batman suit next time – at least, he’s using a spandex.