Mayor Junjun Binay files libel complaint against Senator Trillanes

MANILA, Philippines – Makati Mayor Junjun Binay filed a libel complaint against Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV for the latter’s allegations that the Binay camp paid justices of the Court of Appeals (CA) for ruling in favor him.

The libel complaint  against the senator was filed by the mayor before the Office of the Makati City Prosecutor on Monday, April 13.

He stated that Sen. Trillanes have publicly and maliciously accused him and his family of bribery and other crimes and irregularities despite lack of evidence.

He continued that the damaging and ruinous claims of the senator are mere concoctions and fabrications with no other purpose than to discredit, malign, ruin and besmirch his good name and the reputation of the Binay family, and it is evident that his accusations weren’t made in response to duty.

Senator Trillanes filed a resolution on Monday; accusing two CA of accepting P2o million each to to decide in favor of the Makati mayor. He added that the justices received an additional of P5 million each upon the issuance of a writ of preliminary injunction to stop the suspension.

CA Justice Jose Reyes, Jr. denied the senator’s allegations and said that those constitute harassment that seek to threaten CA justices.

Representative Abigail Binay  dared the senator to present solid proof that will back up his claim and that it is not just a mere publicity stunt. She commented that not only has Trillanes insulted the CA, he is destroying its integrity as well.

She added that the senator have always threatened and bullied people, and for a lot of times, he had expressed that he has some ‘dirt’ against the Binay family, but in the end, it turns out to be nothing.

As reported by GMA News Online, Senator Trillanes remains unfazed by the libel charge against him. Through a text message, he reportedly said that the Makati mayor can do whatever he wants, but that he will not stop until he has put Binay in jail.