NGCP advised public not to fly kites near transmission lines

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Kite flying is considered the most common outdoor activity most children and even adults, do during the summer season.

However, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) urged the public not to fly kites near high-voltage transmission lines.

Despite the fun kite flying gives, NGCP reminds the public to still observe safety especially when they are flying kites near transmission lines.

NGCP-Central Visayas spokesperson Betty Martinez warned that kites might cause brownouts or power interruptions if its strand, or the kite itself, gets entangled in conductors and insulators of the switchyard.

(Photo Credit: InterAksyon)
(Photo Credit: InterAksyon)

“Di lang blackout, possible nga ma-electrocuted sad ang nagkupot sa tabanog,” she warned. (Aside from blackout, it’s also possible that the one who’s flying the kite gets electrocuted.)

“We also asked them nga magbantay sa bush fires, especially kanang naa ang among mga poste kay kuyaw maapil sa bush fires,” she added. (We also asked them to prevent bushfires, especially near our posts which are at risk to bushfires.)

Martinez noted that NGCP is conducting ‘Bantay Linya’ campaign and has been visiting different local government units to urge them to warn their constituents on the hazards of kite flying.

Most NGCP transmission poles are placed in mountain barangays, so they are asking LGUs and residents near transmission lines to help prevent bushfires.

“We need their cooperation to prevent bush fires from affecting our transmission lines,” Martinez said.

She said their Bantay Linya is an all-year-round campaign. However, they are strengthening it during summer months due to kite flying.

It was stated in Cebu City Ordinance No. 1471 that kite flying is prohibited in roads, streets, and places near high-voltage structures.

Building fires, constructing houses, planting trees and installing antennas near transmission facilities are also prohibited, NGCP noted.

Hence, NGCP puts more effort to educate people residing at other parts of Cebu where there has no prohibition on kite flying in hazardous areas; hoping that incidents of power outages and electrocution due to kite flying will be reduced.