Nurse misdiagnosed with breast cancer undergoes unnecessary surgery

Photo Credit: Stroke Sentinel

WOLVERHAMPTON, England – Elizabeth Dawes, a 39-year-old nurse, was diagnosed having a grade 3 invasive breast cancer and was advised to undergo therapeutic surgery; only to find out later that she was misdiagnosed and had undergone unnecessary surgery.

According to Daily Mail, Dawes was initially advised to have a double mastectomy (total removal of breasts), but she refused and instead chose to have surgery to remove the tumor and lymph nodes from her armpit.

Doctors at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, the same hospital where she worked that time, performed Dawes’ surgery.

Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust has now accepted liability for the misdiagnosis and the unnecessary surgery done to Dawes, as reported by Mirror.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Dawes, who is from Stafford and now works at a nursing home, said: “I am absolutely appalled at what I have been through and am still struggling to comprehend how this could even happen.”

The nurse was devastated upon being told that she is facing aggressive cancer. She said she feared the worst and began making plans for her child and getting finances in order.

Dawes, upon hearing her diagnosis, said she is willing “to undergo whatever treatment it took to fight the cancer” that even when she was asked to do the surgery, she didn’t think twice.

“Nothing can make up for what has happened, but I am determined to see justice done and feel I at least deserve an official apology from the Trust given the huge impact this has had on my life,” Dawes said.

Dawes’ legal counsel, Louise Hawkley said, “We are also very concerned about Elizabeth being told three patients’ notes had been mixed up as there is a possibility someone was given the all-clear when they in fact had invasive breast cancer.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust said that the incident is now part of an ongoing legal claim, ensuring that the trust is co-operating fully with the trial.

“The Trust can confirm that no other patient received inappropriate treatment as a result of this incident,” the spokesman added.