Ombudsman indicts 5 ex-marine officers for anomalous transactions worth P36M

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Five ex-officers of the Philippine Marines were indicted by the Office of the Ombudsman for allegedly being involved in anomalous transactions with allowances worth P36,768,028.95.

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales stated that there was a violation and malversation of Section 3(e) Republic Act No.3019 which refers to the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

It has been filed before the Sandiganbayan.

The charges are against Colonel Renato Miranda, Lt. Col. Jeson Cabatbat, Major Adelo Jandayan, Capt. Edmundo Yurong and Capt. Felicisimo Millado. These former marine officers, whose listed ranks are the positions they held during the period in question, supposedly used the Combat Clothing Allowance and Individual Equipment Allowance (CCIE) for purposes other than its intended use. The allowance is for the benefit of the enlisted members of the Philippine Marine Corps (PMC).

Graft investigators discovered that the 1999 CCIE allowance amounting to P43.5 million was released by the Philippine navy. The amount was liquidated through the payroll system. However, the amount was not liquidated through cash advances of the enlisted personnel.

“Investigation showed that, based on disbursement vouchers signed by Miranda, 19 checks all dated in April 2000 were issued in favor of Millado. The checks were encashed and the proceeds were turned over to Jandayan. In turn, Cabatbat and Yurong certified and submitted falsified payrolls of the enlisted personnel. Upon verification and random sampling, 145 enlisted personnel stationed in various provinces denied receiving any allowance and signing in the payroll,” Morales said.

According to PMS officials, P32.9 million out of the P43.5 million was paid to suppliers. P4.2 million was used for other expenses while P6.2 million was transferred to the finance officer for payment of the remaining CCIE.

Morales denied the Motion for Reconsideration of the accused. She explained that “considering the amount involved, the military officials should have exercised due diligence and prudence in entering into transactions involving funds and that failure to do so signifies [their] active participation in the anomalous transaction which resulted to the defraudation of the government.”