Summer Checklist: Bolinao, Pangasinan

The Summer season is the most awaited time for students to finally rest after a stressful semester, for employees to start using their vacation leave, for families to set reunions and for friends to travel all around the country. This is the time when your social networking site timelines are filled with vacation photos and posts. Despite the blazing sun and the immeasurable heat, Filipinos love summer.

If you’re looking for a quick and budget-friendly getaway, don’t forget to check out Bolinao in Pangasinan. Bolinao is known for its beautiful beaches, but other than that, they also boast many tourist attractions.

Here is a rundown of the places you can visit in Bolinao:

The Enchanted Cave (Photo Credit: Out of Town Blog)
The Enchanted Cave
(Photo Credit: Out of Town Blog)

1. Enchanted Cave

The name itself is one reason why you should visit Enchanted Cave. The rock formations and fossilized giant clams will indeed pique your interest and curiosity about nature. The cave also holds a fresh and emerald green pool of water that you can’t help but swim into. Upon visiting, one would surely know why the Enchanted Cave was named such.

Fee(s): P150 if you want to go swimming and P100 if you just plan to wander around.

The Bolinao Falls (Photo Credit: Pusang Kalye)
The Bolinao Falls
(Photo Credit: Pusang Kalye)

2. Bolinao Falls

This waterfall is like a surprise gift given after receiving a previous one. This is something you would not expect from a place where there is a lack of mountains. But lo and behold,  Bolinao’s waterfall which was named as it has a cool and inviting water which is definitely hard to resist. Take a dip after a dusty travel or be bold and dive from its 20-feet diving point. The choice is yours.

Fee(s): Free

The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse (Photo Credit: Asenso Pangasinan)
The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
(Photo Credit: Asenso Pangasinan)

3. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Go a short trip down memory lane and visit this 352-feet tower, making it the second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines. Constructed in 1905 by British, American and Filipino architects, this lighthouse is a helpful guide for seafarers over the years. For over 10 decades, the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse still remains as one of the favorite tourist spots in Pangasinan.

Fee(s): Free

The Patar Beach (Photo Credit: Shoestring Travelers)
The Patar Beach
(Photo Credit: Shoestring Travelers)

4. Patar Beach

This has to be the number one reason why you visited Bolinao in the first place. Patar is known for its creamy white sand, blue skies and turquoise waters. This unspoiled beauty doesn’t offer the luxuries of costly accommodations but it will certainly be a feast for your eyes. The road to this beach may not be an easy one but visitors promise to come back, saying that is is definitely worth it!

Fee(s): Free; allocate a budget for accommodation

The sun may be rising too high and the heat may be unbearable at times but you can’t ignore the fact that Summer is best spent with people you love. So if you are looking for a quick weekend getaway with family and friends, this beautiful town in Pangasinan is one of the best choices. A magical land, a historical tour, a refreshing dip and an unspoiled beach, name it, Bolinao has it.