The world’s new oldest person shares secret to long life

ARKANSAS – A new old living person record has been declared following the d***h of Misao Okawa, 117 years old, of Japan on April 1, 2015.

In a CBS News report, Gertrude Weaver, 116, of Arkansas has been named the new oldest person as declared by a group which tracks supercentenarians; a gerontology research group based in Los Angeles.

In a similar report Yahoo interviewed Weaver as she divulged  the reason for having a longer life.

According to Weaver, “I loved God, I worked hard and I loved everybody and everything around me.”

In the same report, Gradie Welch, Weaver’s grandaughter also narrated some important facts about her grandmother saying, “Grandma always puts God first in her life. I would rate her as a lady with spiritual integrity.”

Adding to it Welch said, “She loved her fellow man,” recalling how her grandma taught her to respect other people.

(Photo Credit:  Twitter)
(Photo Credit: Twitter)

She also talked about Weaver being hardworking saying, “I’ve always known her to always be hardworking. She came through a period  of time where the people that you worked for demanded most of your time so that’s what she gave them. She worked in private homes.  She worked according to the wishes of those people.  She was cooperative.  She’s been good.”

Similarly, Kathy Langly, the director of the center also relayed something about Weaver saying, “It’s an absolute honor to have her and her family here.  Seven generations of Gertrude’s family are living today.”

Meanwhile, report says Guinness Book of World Records has yet to confirm Weaver’s title as the oldest person in the world, according to Robert Moore, the group researcher said.

Weaver, whose family picked the 4th of July as her birthday,  wishes President Obama to be present on the occasion.