Others’ Tweets now ‘tweetable’ with “Quote Tweet”

Have you ever quoted a text from a tweet you like, only to find out you have only a few characters left to comment on a tweet you quoted? Well, Twitter has found a solution to such a ‘dilemma’ via “Quote Tweet” feature.

Instead of simply quoting the Tweet as text, the feature will embed the actual tweet instead, as announced by Twitter just recently.

The change to the “quote tweet” functionality of its service is initially available for the web and for iOS. But no worries, Android users, because according to 9to5google.com , you’ll be getting it soon enough.

Anyhow, the good news is that tweeters can now add 116 characters worth of a comment to any tweet, “no matter how many characters the original tweet contains”, as reported on 9to5google.

(Photo Credit:  Reuters)
(Photo Credit: Reuters)

Also, 9to5google said 3rd-party apps like “Twitter for Android” and “Twitter for Mac” will  display quoted tweets “as the retweeting user’s comment with a link to the original tweet”.

“Presumably third-party apps will be able to add support for the new revamped quote tweet as time progresses, however,” it said.

For the less techy who’s wondering what a ‘Retweet’ is

A Tweet that you forward to your followers is known as a Retweet, and we can use Twitter’s built-in Retweet feature for this. If you’d like to add your own comments to the tweet, you can use the ‘Quote Tweet’ feature, simply by:

– Hover over a Tweet.
– Click the Retweet icon. A pop-up will show you the Tweet you’re about to Retweet.
– Click the Retweet button. The Tweet will then be shared with all of your followers as a Retweet!

From mobile apps:

– Tap the Retweet icon.
– Tap Quote Tweet.
– Add a comment and tap Tweet.

The Tweet will then be shared with your followers as a Quote Tweet!

Note, however, that you cannot Retweet your own Quote Tweet.

Watch this short video: