VIDEO: Indominus Rex featured in new ‘Jurassic World’ trailer

If the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Spinosaurus were scary enough during the first three “Jurassic Park” movies, a new, meaner and more cunning dinosaur is set to debut in the upcoming third sequel, “Jurassic World.”

The new trailer of “Jurassic World” features a genetically modified new dinosaur called “Indominus Rex” face to face with the character of Chris Pratt.

“She was designed to be bigger than a T. Rex,” said Dr. Wu in the trailer and who is played by B.D. Wong and reprising his role as dinosaur geneticist from the original 1993 film.

The trailer also shows Pratt’s character’s expertise as some sort of dinosaur wrangler and showing how he deals with carnivorous Velociraptors.

“It’s not about control. It’s a relationship based on respect,” Pratt’s character says to a theme park executive, played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

It appears, however, that the corporation running Jurassic World would rather put profit over ethics, as if not learning from the lessons of the defunct Jurassic Park.

“Every time we’ve unveiled a new attraction, attendance has spiked. Corporate thought genetic modification would up the ‘wow’ factor,” said Howard’s character.

But as the trailer shows, genetic modification caused this new “artificial” Indominus Rex to be unlike its prehistoric counterparts, becoming “a creature savage enough to eat her own sibling and k**l herbivorous dinosaurs just for fun, and smart enough to remember where her tracking device is and rip it right out of her flesh,” as science pop culture website Blastr reports.

“Jurassic World” directed by Colin Trevorrow will hit theaters on June 12.

Watch the new trailer below: