Watch: Groom gets arrested for not attending his own wedding

Photo Credit: GMA News

MANILA, Philippines – An unidentified man was arrested in Quezon City after he allegedly did not attend his own wedding, as reported by GMA News.

In a report by GMA news program “Saksi” last Wednesday, the man was arrested after the family of his “bride-to-be” filed a formal complaint to authorities.

The father of the bride said they waited a few hours for the groom to show himself, but they are all left disappointed as he never showed up in his own wedding.

The man explained that he was late for a few hours as he got a flat tire on his way to the wedding venue.

On the other hand, the bride’s family didn’t accept the groom’s explanation, and instead filed a complaint to the police, saying that the money they gave to the groom which was intended as payment for the wedding expenses never reached the wedding coordinator.

The suspect declined to give his official statement regarding the allegations.

Netizens also gave their different reactions about the news, debating whether the arrest was right.

One Facebook user said that the arrest was not right, saying “This is illegal. Hindi naman maaring pilitin ang isang tao na magpakasal. Maaari siyang kasuhan ng breach of promise sa kadahilanang may malaking pera na ang na gastos dahil sa paghanda ng kasal ngunit hindi siya pwedeng pilitin na magpakasal kung talagang ayaw niya.”

(“This is illegal. A person cannot be forced to marry someone. He can be charged with breach of promise as there is a huge sum of money involved in the preparation of the wedding. However, they cannot force him to marry if he really don’t want to.”)

Another Facebook user adviced the groom, saying “Magpakulong ka na lang brad. Mas maganda pang makulong ng ilang taon sa bilangguan, kaysa makulong sa asawa mo habambuhay.”

(“Just go to prison. It is better that you stay behind bars for a few years instead of being imprisoned with your wife for your entire life.”)

Another Facebook user blamed the groom saying, “Sana umurong na lang, di yung nasa simbahan na tsaka pa di sumipot, ay maraming naabala sa [expletive] niya. Puwera pa sa kahihiyan sinapit ng pamilya ng babae.”

(“He should have backed out earlier, and not when the bride was waiting in church then won’t show up. So many people were troubled because of what he did, aside from the embarrassment the bride’s family received.”)

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