7 foot eel caught in UK is massive but not enough to beat record

Fishermen off the coast of Devon in the United Kingdom were in for a surprise when they accidentally caught a giant conger eel as they were trawling in waters at the southwestern coast of England.

The eel was 7 feet in length and weighed in a massive 131 pounds.

“It was just a normal days fishing, business as usual. When we pulled it up I was stunned, because it was so huge. It was already d**d when we pulled it up, else we would have thrown him back in and let him live,” said 42-year-old fisherman Scott Govier who caught the giant fish aboard his trawler called “Hope.”

It was a rather unusual catch indeed as conger eels commonly hide in reefs and do not swim in open water.

“Conger move to very deep water and d*e after spawning, so, like all large congers caught off the south-west approaches, this fish is likely to be an unspawned female. These large eels are generally found hiding in the many wrecks around the south-west, or on reefs and rocky ground, but they do venture out to open ground in search of food, usually during neap tides or slack water. Despite their size and power, they are not very strong swimmers,” explained Pete Bromley who is the manager at local company Plymouth Fisheries.

Despite its size, the conger eel caught in Devon narrowly missed the current UK record. Once gutted, it weighed 131 pounds, just two pounds shy of the current 133.25 pound record for a conger eel caught by a rod.

The fish didn’t sell much either, checking in a price of 70 pence per kilo or a total of £40 when it was sold at an auction.