Binay denies alluding to Poe, specifies leader should have ‘executive experience’

Photo Credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Manila Times

MANILA, Philippines — While denying he mocked Senator Grace Poe for not having the longevity of government service, Vice President Jejomar Binay specified his earlier statement about the Philippines needing a competent and experienced leader.

“What I was referring to is executive experience and competence,” he said.

He then described executive experience with a metaphor.

“It’s like you want to build a house, so you would want a good carpenter. You wouldn’t get a plumber although he may be good with pipes,” he said.”

“There are some people who are experienced, but they lack ‘executive experience,’” he pointed out; adding that the only public official who could rank with his ‘achievements’ would be Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Many felt Binay was earlier comparing Poe’s young track record to his own last week when he said people should choose a leader who is experienced and competent.

However, Binay said he did not target anyone in particular with the statement.

“That’s how I present myself as a candidate for 2016,” he said. “I didn’t ridicule anyone…if others became angry at what I said, then that’s their choice.”

In turn, Poe shot back at Binay; saying leaders should also be honest and transparent—an apparent reference to the current accusations being thrown against the Vice President and his family.

She also rejected the idea of teaming up with Binay as his running mate after his daughter Makati Rep. Abigail Binay raised the topic last week.

Binay and his family are accused of amassing billions of pesos from various construction projects in Makati when he was still mayor. He has denied the charges as pure political harassment meant to derail his presidential bid in 2016.

Poe, on the other hand, has consistently climbed up electoral surveys and is seen by some as the one contender with the greatest chance of beating Binay for the presidency.