Diner leaves $2000 tip for $93 meal

A restaurant in Washington, D.C. received much love from a loyal customer who left a $2,000 tip for a meal that summed up to only $93.

A frequent customer of Blue 44 restaurant requested to take out some gumbo after having dinner with a friend of a meal consisting of fried chicken, gumbo and Old Chub Scotch Ale

The staff gave the patron extra two quarts of soup for free but didn’t expect that much gratuity in return.

It was only later that a bartender actually checked the credit card receipt and saw the huge tip that came with specific instructions to give half of the tip or $1,000 to chef James Turner, and the other half divided between bartender Laura Dally and restaurant owner Chris Nardelli.

“I looked at it and I had to do a double-take,” said Blue 44 owner Nardelli.

Bartender Dally was equally stunned.

“I was in utter shock. I was completely speechless. I had to do a double take,” she said.

The customer also had a simple message for the restaurant, “Thank you for the gumbo.”

He later sent an email to the restaurant owner saying he was “very happy to express my gratitude in that way.”

Nardelli decided to keep the gracious tipper’s identity anonymous but shared he had a close relationship with the restaurant.

Since this rather extreme case of customer satisfaction, the restaurant decided to rename their gumbo item on the menu to “Generosity Gumbo.”

The twist is, the gumbo only costs $7!
“It’s very good, and it’s always been popular. Now it’s on a completely different level. People are calling and saying they have to try the $2,000 gumbo. It’s $7,” Nardelli said.