Japanese husband ditches wife’s remains down the toilet out of spite

Photo Credit: thefreethoughtproject.com

Tokyo, Japan – Like her death was not enough to compensate for all the ‘hatred’ she caused, a 68-year-old Japanese husband reportedly flushed down his wife’s ashes in a public toilet of a supermarket.

Tokyo police discovered the disposed ashes after bone fragments including human chin were found in a cubicle, as reported on Daily Mail Co Uk. The residue could have probably clogged the toilet bowl.

The cremated remains, per Wikipedia, are not ashes as we know it. The dry bones are pulverized in a cremulator (a high-capacity, high-speed blender) that turns them into ashes. These are like of fine sand texture and color, but the size of the grain varies.

The man turned himself in after the incident and  revealed he has grown to hate his wife and the unhappy marriage they had when she was still alive. Seeing the urn filled with the wife’s remains must be tormenting to the old man which led him to dispose the ashes.

The authorities said the man could get charged for abandoning human body. Ashes, according to a police spokesperson as told to AFP, should be scattered only at approved locations.

The Japanese man, whose name was withheld for privacy, said, “I had hatred mounting against her. Life was such a pain before she died.”

His wife died of an ailment at the age of 64, and it was a month after she was cremated that her husband decided to ditch her remains.