Journalist quits $95,000 job to move to the Caribbean

An Ivy League education, a New York apartment, and a job that pays $95,000 a year sounds like the American dream recipe.

But, Noelle Hancock traded this comfortable lifestyle four years ago for a completely different way of living at the Caribbean.

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

In an article she wrote for, which has more than 467,000 shares as of posting, the Yale graduate shared that the success of working as a journalist seemed empty and soon made her feel “stressed, uninspired, and disconnected”.

She said, “It’s ironic to feel lonely on an island of four million people, but it seemed I spent my life staring at screens: laptop, cell phone, iPad — hell, even the taxis and elevators had televisions in them.”

After asking for suggestions through her Facebook account, the young spirit sold her things and headed out to St. John, one of the United States Virgin Islands.

Perhaps there was something indulgent and Peter Pan-ish about this new lifestyle. But the truth is, I was happier scooping mint chocolate chip for $10 an hour than I was making almost six figures at my previous corporate job,” she happily claimed.

Although her family and friends were taken aback by her sudden decision, the ex-city girl went on and took the plunge, saying, “You leap and the net will appear.”

After her stint as an ice cream scooper, Hancock became a bartender; a job that she said has always been a constant consideration.

At the end of her article, the now 35-year-old confessed that there are still days when doubts fill her mind about her career choices, especially in comparison with her colleagues who are in the top ranks with all sorts of accolades.

But, apparently, the adventures awaiting out there matter more to her than anything in the world, saying, “Lately I’ve been mulling moving somewhere entirely opposite of here. Europe, perhaps? There are so many places to go! It fills me with a sort of wild happiness. Who knows where I’ll end up? And what a marvelous thing that is — not knowing.”