Manny should’ve won, says Holyfield

Photo Credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer

“Manny should have won.”

Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield, former world heavyweight boxing champ, made the statement as he thought the aggressive Manny Pacquiao should have clinched the victory against the backpedalling Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their ‘Fight of the Century.’

“I thought Pacquiao was doing well. I don’t know how people scored the fight, I thought he was doing well,” he said.

He also criticized the judges for scoring the bout in favor of Mayweather, saying the aggressor—Pacquiao in this case—should have been given more points seeing as he was the one controlling the rounds.

“Pacquiao hit him a lot more because he was being aggressive,” he said, and likened the fight to a game of tag where none of the fighters got really hurt because one of them was moving away and the other was trying to catch up with him.

Begrudgingly however, Holyfield did concede that Mayweather’s defensive style of boxing—no matter how boring it was—puts him in a favored position to win each time.

“It’s not pleasing to the crowd, but it does give increase his chances of winning,” he said.

When asked if he wants to see a rematch, Holyfield shrugged it off and said Floyd’s style of fighting turned his interest off.

“If it’s going to be another fight like that, then no,” he said.

And despite the claims of many the ‘Fight of the Century’ did not live up to its hype, Holyfield said the bout was very entertaining.

“It wasn’t a bad fight…both fighters did what they had to do to win it,” he said.

Pacquiao earlier himself said he thought he won in a post-fight interview. Since then, he has been clamoring for a rematch with Mayweather since he could not use his full potential in their first fight due to his injured right shoulder.