MMK’s special episode on SAF 44 trends worldwide; tearjerker

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There was an overwhelming amount of emotional Tweets and status posts that flooded the social media world worldwide in the latest episode of Maalala Mo Kaya (MMK). The episode was the second part of the 2-part tribute episode of the show to the 44 elite policemen who were killed in an anti-terrorism operation in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. It was the second most Twitted topic in the world at the time the episode was aired.

As the episode came to a close, the hashtag #MMKBrave44 went viral as people from all over expressed the impact of the episodes on them.

One Tweet read, “How painful it must’ve been for the parents to hear the number of the casket wherein their son was put. Sampal ng katotohanan.” #MMKBrave44

(How painful it must’ve been for the parents to hear the number of the casket wherein their son was put. Reality’s slap on the face.)

Another wrote, “Ang hirap isipin n sa gitna ng labanan BAYAN at PAMILYA ang tanging nasa isip ng ating mga bayani.. #MMKBrave44.”

(It is difficult to think that amidst the fighting, nation and family were the only things that they were thinking of.)

The tribute starred award-winning and established actors, Coco Martin and Angel Locsin. It was their first project and both said they were privileged to be tapped to be a part of the historic episode.

“TV viewers will be able to see in our MMK episode the struggles and difficulties that our SAF commandos endure. They will see here the roles that our heroes play: son, brother, friend, a policeman and a loved one. I hope we’ll be able to give justice to all their sacrifices,” Coco said.

“This is a big salute to our fellow Filipinos who gave up their lives for us. This is a good way to make TV viewers appreciate and be reminded of all the efforts of our SAF commandos to protect our nation,” Angel added.

In the tribute special, the two actors are a couple. Coco plays the role of Garry while Angel plays the role of Suzette. Both have dreams of establishing a good life with each other and had little knowledge of what was ahead.