Photo of baby allegedly leashed by own mom sparks outrage

Photo Credit: The Daily Pedia

Public anger is rising over a Facebook photo showing a young child leashed by the neck and led around the floor allegedly by his own mother.

The Facebook profile of a certain “Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco (ayken dela cruz francisco)” shows several photos of the child walking on all fours and checking out a pet bowl filled with food.

Francisco can then be seen commenting on how amused she was to have such an obedient child.

“Bago ko nga plang alagang aso haha…lakas ng tama ng anak ko sunod sunuran nman…#dami kong tawa d2 grabe… (I have a new pet dog, my kid must be so high to be so obedient, I’m laughing so hard),” she wrote.

The photos, along with the Facebook profile, have since been taken down. It is not known whether Francisco is really the one who uploaded the photos.

Not Funny At All

However, virtually everyone who saw the photos on Francisco’s page didn’t find funny anything at all, with many lambasting her for taking a joke too far.

Some also feared the lasting psychological scars it would leave on the child, while others said she should be reported to the authorities for subjecting her child to humiliation.

Anna Pauline Paguia, Communications Coordinator of Children International, said she was left shocked and disgusted by the photos.

“I felt horrified and appalled. No one in their right mind would think that this is the right way to treat a child,” she said, adding she hoped the authorities would be able to find mother and child soon.

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Dinky Soliman said her people are currently tracking down Francisco’s address. She also asked the public to report any leads which could help them find her.

However, Paguia also mentioned that authorities should not be content with just rescuing the child and punishing the mother since she believed similar cases are happening in the country right now.

“If possible, I hope the authorities would look into the situation…there are a lot of similar but worse situations in the country and the way to stop it is to start looking into what causes adults to do such,” she said.