Bullies superglue woman’s hand to door, she gets stuck for three hours

A cruel prank by unknown bullies ended up with a woman superglued to her own front door for three hours before emergency personnel finally sawed the handle off.

Emergency services thought she was joking when 28-year-old Fiona Crabb called them.

A group of paramedics, firefighters and emergency staff used a variety of solutions ranging from lubricants to oils and even Coke before they decided to take the handle out and saw her free at a hospital.

“I got home after spending the evening with my friend who lives nearby and was confused when I realized the door handle was sticky. I did manage to get the door open and woke up my partner Tony, but I just couldn’t free myself.I don’t understand why anyone would do something so stupid. I’d rather not know who did it as I’d be too upset,” she said.

Two teenage boys were seen running around the block of flats and are suspected to be the culprits.

Fiona’s partner, friend, and neighbors all attempted to help her free and call for help.

It took four calls to emergency hotline 999 before an ambulance finally showed up at their area, around an hour and a half after.

“When the paramedics arrived, they tried so many things to get me free. They used Coca Cola, WD-40, Fairy Liquid, hot water and vegetable oil but nothing was working. I started to get really scared, the longer I was glued on,” she said.

The paramedics eventually sought assistance from the fire department, who unscrewed the entire door handle out so Fiona could be taken to the hospital where doctors before the handle was sawed off.

“I was left just holding the main bit of the handle. They used a special solution to dissolve the glue, which thankfully worked, but I’ve been left with burns across my hand. It was really scary as I didn’t have any kind of anesthetic,” she said.

The burn on her hand requires Fiona to wear plastic glove to keep the skin moist. She also has to apply vegetable oil every night as her hand heals.

Moving forward, she still thinks her place is still a safe residence but vows to be more careful next time.

“I’ve been in the flat for just over a year but never had a trouble before. I do feel safe where I live but I’ll be checking the handle every time I come home. I think it was just strangers playing a prank, but I would be really angry if I found out it was someone I knew,” she said.