Frustrated Aquino hits back at critics in Ilonggo, tells them “Ay ambot!”

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

ILOILO CITY, Iloilo – Expressing his frustration at his haters who loved to find every little fault in his administration, President Benigno Aquino III couldn’t help but use an expression commonly used by Ilonggos to indicate their exasperation.

“Whatever we say, they always challenge it. They take pleasure from it,” he said in a speech on Thursday. “Our message to them is, just like you say here: ‘Ay ambot!’”

While acknowledging the fact the Philippines is a democratic country and everyone is entitled to their opinion, Aquino said he couldn’t quite fathom why there are just some people who love to focus on the negative instead of the positive accomplishments of the government.

“What I don’t understand is that there are people who only find our faults despite all the positive things we’ve done,” he said.

Contrarians are Ruining Progress

Elaborating further, Aquino said these people which he described as “contrarians” are actually setting back his administration’s gains.

“There are “contrarians” in any society. What is a contrarian? They are those who oppose everything, no matter how excellent you are in your job,” he said. “That is what he does because he finds joy in it—he needs to oppose.”

Aquino also warned contrarians not to impede his planned final development programs before he leaves the presidency.

“We all want to prosper, please do not block us,” he said.

Help Us Instead of Hating Us

Commenting on his detractors’ proclivity for criticizing him at every turn, Aquino said it would do them and the country a whole lot better if they instead dedicated their time giving positive feedback and helpful suggestions so his administration would know which areas it needs to improve.

“Instead of complaining, they should help us in finding solutions. We are willing to listen but they are the ones who are not giving any suggestions,” he said. “Since it is Independence Day, I ask them to free their closed minds.”