Grace Poe refutes Nancy: Let your father explain

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Grace Poe took exceptions at Nancy Binay’s tirade against the senators who signed the committee report recommending an Ombudsman plunder investigation into the alleged overpriced Makati parking building against the latter’s father, Vice President Jejomar Binay.

The younger Binay earlier took a potshot at the lawmakers who signed the report saying some of them have only done so to advance their own political agenda in preparation for the coming 2016 election.

Nancy Binay went further by challenging her colleagues to admit their personal motives, which she suspected is only about boosting their respective survey ratings, as she defended her father from the so-called bullying and mud-slinging by his political enemies using what she described witnesses without credibility.

But Senator Poe hit back at Senator Binay, saying it should be the latter’s father who must explain himself amid allegations of corruptions including millions of kickbacks from the alleged overpriced parking building and his unexplained wealth such as the sprawling Batangas estate known as “Hacienda Binay”.

“Does it mean all the allegations against him (VP Binay), even those which appears to have legitimate basis, he will not answer or face, just because of his presumption that those were politically-motivated?” Senator Poe said in Filipino when asked to comment about Senator Binay’s earlier statement.

Poe added the Vice President owed the Filipinos an explanation to finally clear the air over the several corruption allegations against him.

Senator Grace Poe is one of the ten senators who signed on Monday the committee report which also recommends the filing of plunder case against Senator Nancy Binay’s brother, Makati Mayor Junjun Binay.

She is widely perceived to be Binay’s closest rival for the presidency in 2016, placing a consistent second place behind the still-leading vice president in different surveys; but is slowly closing the gap between them in the latest poll despite not having officially declared her intention to run for president.

The two had a falling out after Poe was dropped from the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial slate in 2013 election and decided to run under President Aquino’s Team PNoy coalition.

She went on to finish at the top of the twelve winning candidates, where Nancy Binay also placed fifth.