This ‘handsome’ gorilla makes Japanese women swoon

(Photo Credit: Twitter)

King Kong’s popularity among young Japanese women is facing serious competition from another gorilla named Shabani; firstly, perhaps it’s because the latter is real, and, secondly, as expressed by some people, more ‘handsome’.

In fact, Shabani has supposedly become extremely popular and well-loved by teenage Japanese women that the spike in the zoo visits over the past months is being credited to him.

The beast is currently held in Higayama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, Japan, and reports say that Shabani seems to be definitely enjoying his new-found fame as he is often seen striking dramatic, if not seductive, poses; as if flirting with visitors who are mostly young female Japanese. He is definitely the ‘hunk of the moment’ and looks like he knows it.

His popularity also spilled over to the social media as his throngs of admirers posted pictures while going gaga over his ripping muscles, chiseled profile and flirtatious glances.

(Photo Credit: Twitter GameLove941)
(Photo Credit: Twitter GameLove941)

Women described the heartthrob gorilla as ‘very handsome’; among many other flattering allusions only a handful of men on earth are lucky to have been accorded with.

Shabani is a western lowland gorilla who grew up in an Australian Zoo in Sydney before he was shipped to Japan in 2007. He is nearly 18 years of age.

A senior zookeeper at Taroonga Zoo, Allan Schmidt, told the Daily Mail Co Uk that Shabani originally came from the Netherlands before he was brought to Australia as a two-month old infant back in 1996.

Asked whether he is surprise at Japanese women going bananas over Shabani, Schmidt said, “No, because the Japanese are crazy, the Japanese love their fads,” but conceded, “I would say most people would consider him fairly dashing.”

Mr. Schmidt further narrated this was not the first time Shabani stumbled upon unlikely fame; as in 2007, the silverback was pictured walking on a tightrope and became famous.

“He’s used to the limelight,” Schmidt recalled. “It’s not surprising he’s very successful.”

Whether Shabani is indeed handsome should be left to the young Japanese women to decide, and apparently they have already decided. But Rocket24 couldn’t have put it any better: “Beauty comes in many different packages and today that package is a gorilla!”

Let’s take a look at this clip and see how he mesmerizes visitors at the zoo: