Marcos on “Bongbong-Digong” team-up: “It’s viable”

Photo Credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Manila Bulletin

MANILA, Philippines – Commenting on reports he is being paired up with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for the 2016 elections, Senator Bongbong Marcos said the team-up is “viable.”

“The fact the tandem is being discussed means it’s a good combination,” he said. “I think one of the reasons that it is actually being discussed means that it seems viable.”

While denying he and Duterte had personally begun talks about a possible tandem, Marcos admitted his Nacionalista Party and Duterte’s PDP-Laban are currently in the midst of negotiating about a possible alliance in 2016.

“The discussion is not about Mayor Duterte or myself… it is on the party level rather than on individual candidates,” he pointed out. “Both parties are discussing how they can help each other out.

Marcos also said it is not all political plans he and Duterte would discuss every time they meet.

“I’m happy to call him a friend, we talk all the time but not particularly about that (the elections),” the senator said; adding that the topic he and Duterte discussed during their last meeting was on federalism.

Talks of a Duterte-Marcos tandem spread like wildfire after the senator appeared at Davao City to grace one of the mayor’s speaking engagements.

Duterte is popular with the public due to his tough stance on crime and no-nonsense style of governance.

While he has repeatedly rebuffed calls to run for the presidency, his supporters and several grassroots movements have been campaigning and gathering funds on his behalf.

Like Duterte, Marcos has so far been mum on his plans for the 2016 elections; preferring instead to remark that “anything is possible in politics.”

“When the political situation to me is clear and and I know what’s going on, [then maybe I will run],” he said. “Right now it’s still not clear.”