Maria Ozawa leaves adult video industry; will star in film with Robin Padilla

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Maria Ozawa has moved on from the adult movie industry to pursue another career. Whatever it may be, she commits to “doing everything from the bottom.” She vows to work hard, and learn everything she can.

The Japanese AV (Adult Video) star is set to do a film with Filipino action star and heartthrob, Robin Padilla.

Nevertheless, she said she is grateful for where she came from.

“If I wasn’t famous in that industry, I wouldn’t be here right now. I’m really [grateful] for the fans, for the industry, and my history,” she said.

Ozawa is arguably the most popular adult video actress from Japan. She is now making a big leap into the mainstream big screen with the film, “Nilalang.” It is a horror-action film with Robin Padilla that is set to be released on Christmas Day and will participate in the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.

“It’s my first time to do an action movie, so I have to go back to Japan and learn my martial arts so I won’t embarrass myself in the movie!” she told ABS-CBN News‘ Mario Dumaual in a sit-down interview on Tuesday.

When asked if she will be doing sexy scenes with Padilla, Ozawa answered, “Am I? We have to watch the movie!”

She admitted that “Nilalang” will also have romance elements in the story and “that’s what, I guess, I’m looking forward to.”

The movie, produced by Haunted Tower productions focuses on the story of a local forensic expert (Padilla) who teams up with Ozawa’s character. Ozawa’s character is described in the movie’s press release as “a beautiful heir to a transnational organized crime syndicate originating from Japan.”

This is not the first time that Ozawa has been invited to star in mainstream films. She has visited other countries such as Taiwan and Indonesia.

“It’s really simple. I really like the place here. I was just like, I want to work here!” she explained when she was asked why she decided to take up a film offer in the Philippines.

She said she was in the country last April to do a local show and she loved it.

“And I was like, ‘I just love it here, it’s like way better than Japan.’ I said, ‘I’m coming back, definitely.’ And then I came back, so it’s like a really dream come true! I love it here! Everything’s great, the food, the weather, the people.”