Multi-awarded actor Jiro Manio now homeless, roaming in NAIA

Photo Credit: Trending News Portal

Multi-awarded actor, Jiro Katakura who is more famously known as Jiro Manio, was spotted wandering around Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The critically acclaimed actor is now apparently homeless.

The 23-year-old Manio was inside NAIA terminal 3, seen looking for food. He has reportedly been living on the help of strangers, particularly the airport’s employees.

Manio was wandering around the strip of fast food restaurants in the airport. He was seen looking for leftovers in a ratty shirt, shorts and a towel on his shoulder.

Frank Sorca, one of the terminal’s security guard told the Inquirer that he was one of the first people who recognized Manio. He took pity on him.

“He looked as if he hasn’t had a decent meal and his clothes were dirty,” Sorca recalled

Sorca said he gave Manio food as well as clean clothes. He also gave him tools for his hygiene. However, Manio only took the food and the clothes. He declined the hygiene tools saying he did not want to bathe or clean himself. He did not even want to cut his nails. Security guards and attendants of NAIA have been continuously chipping in to give the former actor food and basic necessities.

According to Sorca, Manio told him he left his home because he had enemies. On the day Sorca saw Manio at the terminal, he was bruised all over his body. He said the actor told him that he did not want to leave the airport because he would get hurt if he leaves.

“But when I asked him again at a different time, he told me a different story. He constantly changes his answers,” the security guard said.

Furthermore, Manio apparently has no idea why people take notice of him. He insists that he’s not an actor. He even asked for proof that he was.

When he was 12 years old, Manio won the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Award for best child actor in 2004 for his role in the movie Magnifico. He also won the Luna or Film Academy of the Philippines best actor awrds, and the Gawad Urian for the same film.

In 2011, Manio went into rehabilitation for his drug a***e. He was under therapy for a year.