WATCH: Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga’s wedding video

MANILA, Philippines – The wedding of film director Paul Soriano and ABS-CBN actress and TV host Toni Gonzaga more than two weeks ago proved the phrase: “True love waits.” Now, let us watch the couple’s official wedding video by one of the Philippines’ most sought after videographer, Bob Nicolas.

The tear-jerking clip of the couple’s wedding on June 12, 2015, which was also their eighth anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend shows how lucky and blessed Toni and Paul are to have each other. It was posted on the Vimeo account of Paul’s production company Ten17P.

Their wedding vows were simple and heartfelt.

The groom couldn’t stop himself from becoming emotional as he recalled the first time he met Toni and finally after eight years, they are starting a new life as husband and wife and he will be forever thankful to God for blessing him with her.

He said: “When I saw you come down that aisle, I saw everything, my future, the mother of my children, the beautiful mother of my children in the future.”

“That was the rest of my life right there, my partner for life, my miracle.”

In front of God and their wedding guests, Paul declared his love to his bride shouting: “I don’t say this in public and you know that. We only do this in our private time… I love you, Celestine!” 

For her part, Toni said in the past eight years that they’ve been together, Paul never left her side and patiently waited for her. Although there were times she saw him getting tired, she is thankful because he never left, he never gave up.

The “Pinoy Big Brother” host said: It has been a long journey, my love. And now, we are finally getting married. It’s a great love story because God wrote ours.”

“Happy anniversary my love. I am so excited, we can do everything we want . We can travel, we can stay up late and there’s no need to drop me home because now you are my home,” she added.

Those who have seen the wedding video commented it really pays to wait and Toni and Paul’s story is an epitome of true love, which will continue to inspire other.

May this couple’s marriage be forever blessed and filled with love.