Watch: ‘Ant-Man’ tops US box-office with $58M

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The American superhero film “Ant-Man” landed on the top spot of the US box-office this weekend after its debut grossed a total of $58 million; movie rating firm Rentrak posted on its website.

But Reuters has reported that unlike other Marvel-based productions such as “Captain America”, “Thor”, and “Iron Man”, the 2015 film still lodged below the $60 million projection.

David Hollis, head of Disney’s distribution department, shared that the latest movie laid even below “The Incredible Hulk” who merely gained $65 million on its opening week. However, he still appreciated Marvel for having a ‘model of consistency’ when it comes to their characters.

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No one else could take what is really an obscure character and launch it in such a big way. It’s a sign that they’re doing so much right and that it’s a brand that has overwhelming momentum,” Hollis said.

A hit before the release

A report from Yahoo shares that “Ant-Man” was already a hit even before it was shown in cinemas since moviegoers longed for the much-awaited blend of humor and action that the film possesses.

Marvel is well aware of that. You can have fun with all that and still tell an emotional story,” says ‘Ant-Man’ star Paul Rudd.

The film also has actors like Mark Ruffalo and Edward Norton in their cast who were previously identified for having serious dramatic roles.

Meanwhile, the film “Minions” who placed first on box-office standings worldwide only landed on the second spot in the US with a total revenue of $50 million.

“Trainwreck” then followed the lead while resting on the fifth place in international rankings with a total ticket sales of only $30 million.

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