Dingdong Dantes: Marian will be an ideal mother

After the excitement of being a husband to wife Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes, this time, is excited about being a father.

In a PEP interview, he shared his delight and expectation regarding the arrival of their first child.

When asked about how he knew Marian is carrying a baby girl, he answered “it’s a gut feel.”

He also shared they are already picking some names and revealed there is a strong contender among the list of names being considered..

Dantes also revealed that just like any other regular employee, he plans to avail of the 7-day paternity leave during Marian’s delivery.

When asked if they have discovered new things or changes  from each other, Dantes disclosed that he is certain Marian will be a good mother because of what he sees in her.

Giving an example, he said that pregnant Marian takes care of herself; so how much more when the baby comes.

Meanwhile,via a GMA News report, Dantes said he might spoil his child especially if their firstborn turns out to be a girl.

Recalling what he saw of actor Paolo Contis, he said, “Dinadala niya ‘yung mga babies niya sa taping, ‘yung dalawang babae niya, dinadala niya.” (He brings his babies on the taping, those two girls.)

When asked if he will do the same, Dantes reportedly replied it’s nice to look at.

Talking more about Marian, he said, Marian might be a hands-on mother, but he wants her activities balanced.

According to him, he does not want Marian to forget the things she has always been doing. Taking note that Marian is very organized on things, as a mom he expects she will be the same.

And with regards to Marian’s wishes to have a string of children when she said: “Hangga’t puwede po!” (As long as it’s possible), Dingdong said he does not have plans on how many children they will have.  All will depend on how many will come along.

For the meantime, despite being excited over their parenthood, he’s leaving the baby purchases to his wife as Marian, he admits, knows better.

Chika Minute shares this news vid about the couple:

They shared some photos of their new home via Pinoy Showbiz Latest: