Fliers take note: DOTC issues new list of banned items inside planes

Photo Credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines – Don’t want to miss your flight? Then don’t bring these items to the airport.

As reported by ABS-CBN, the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) which is under the Department of Transportation and Communication has released memorandum circular MC2015-02 or Revised Prohibited Items List on Tuesday in line with international civil aviation standards.

Banned onboard the plane in the Gun, Firearms, and Other Device That Discharge Projectiles category are air guns, bolt guns, gun and firearm parts, flare guns, nail guns, pellet guns, pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, spear guns and firearms used for sports. These firearms should be endorsed to the proper authorities, the circular said.

Meanwhile, bows and arrows, crossbows, and other projectile-capable devices can be checked in but cannot be stored in the carry-on luggage.

In the Stunning Devices category, tear gas is absolutely prohibited. Acid spray, insect/animal repellants, pepper spray, and stun guns are allowed at the check-in.

Under Explosives, grenades, dynamites, pyrotechnics, fireworks, and other flammables such as matches, disguised lighters, lighter fluids and fuels are banned.

Meanwhile, sharp objects such as knives, letter openers, nail files and cutters, razor blades, scissors and disguised sharp objects along with blunt items can be checked in but are prohibited inside the cabin.

As for Liquid, Aerosols and Gels (LAG), passengers are only allowed to bring an amount not exceeding 100 ml and which should be placed in a 20cm x 20cm bag that is transparent and resealable.

Only one such bag is allowed per passenger.

While LAGs which are highly flammable, corrosive or toxic are absolutely not allowed regardless of amount, the circular also exempted medications, baby milk or food, and special delivery requirements from the 100 ml rule.

However, passengers should pass the items first to a security officer for inspection and verification first, it added.