Glaiza de Castro says love will arrive at the right time

Photo Credit: GMA News

MANILA, Philippines – Glaiza de Castro is enjoying the fruits of her hard work and dedication for her portrayal of a lesbian in GMA-7’s “The Rich Man’s Daughter”. Given her very busy schedule, Glaiza is often asked about her lovelife or her lack of it.

In a report by Philippine Entertainment Portal, Glaiza answered the press by making light of her non-existing lovelife.

She said: “Kailangan na ba?” 

Hindi naman… pero kasi dumarating naman talaga siya sa tamang panahon.” (Is it needed now? Not really, but it will arrive at the right time.)

She does not want to force having a lovelife at the moment because it might not work out.

Glaiza revealed there are several guys approaching her who seem ideal and approved by her parents, but she doesn’t want to rush things and still ask for God’s guidance when it comes to her future relationship.

The actress is not just busy with her acting career. She is also busy with her business and her self-produced album, “Synthesis”.

Given everything she is doing, Glaiza feels if her would be boyfriend won’t understand her line of work, they would just end up fighting.

“At saka, baka isa pa yun sa magiging problema ko. Ayokong maging problema ang lovelife, “ she added. (Maybe that would become one of my problems. I don’t want my lovelife to become a problem.)

In an Inquirer report, Glaiza said her career is more important to her right now, and that she is focused on improving her portrayal of “Althea” in “The Rich Man’s Daughter,” which is deemed as her biggest break since she began her showbiz career.

As for Glaiza’s advice to new actors and actresses: “Big break” is a responsibility, a blessing that is given at the right time if we have the right attitude,” she said.