Honest NAIA porter returns P120K, shares reward money

Photo Credit: ABS-CBN

MANILA, Philippines – Honesty is always the best policy.

Porferio Lavado Jr., a 42-year-old contractual porter slash pushcart retriever at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) 1 Terminal, lived up to that adage when he returned P120,000 to its rightful owner, ABS-CBN reported.

As recounted by Lavado, he found a blue pouch perched on a pushcart at the terminal’s arrival extension at around 9 PM on Thursday.

When he opened it, he was surprised to discover P120,000 worth of money in assorted currencies.

The pouch also contained almost two dozen ATM and credit cards.

After making the discovery, Lavado said he immediately sought the help of Airport Police 2 APO2 Pablito Seño in securing the money and finding the rightful owner.

A check by the airport’s Intelligence and Investigation Division later revealed the owner to be a Chinese national named Xiren Wu who was contacted through the PA system.

After the counting revealed everything was intact, a grateful Wu thanked Lavado and Seño for their honesty and gave the former P10,000.

Out of that amount, Lavado shared P8,000 with the airport police.

When later asked if he thought about keeping the money, the native from Quezon answered in the negative and revealed it was not his first time to return lost items.

He added he will keep on being honest and do the same thing in the future.

For his part, Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Jose Angel Honrado praised Lavaldo and Seño for their honesty.

“Honesty at work is surely becoming the norm at the airport,” he said. MIAA has diligent employees such as Lavado and Seño to thank for continuously upholding such exemplary standard of service.

To show MIAA’s appreciation for the two men, Honrado said both of them will be duly recognized next month in a commendation ceremony.