Kidnap victim escapes from her captors in Sulu

An eighteen-year-old girl who was reportedly kidnapped by several armed men was able to escape from her captors in Sulu on Monday afternoon, July 20, 2015.

Based on RJ Rosalado’s report in ABS-CBN, the victim who was identified as Ledejie Tomarong, a bakery worker, was snatched by alleged members of the Abu Sayyaf Group in April.

According to a military officer, Tomarong was looking dazed and wandering alone in Barangay Buanza, in Indanan, Sulu when found by local residents.

Colonel Alan Arrojado, Armed Forces Joint Task Group Sulu commander, said the residents who took pity on the victim brought her to barangay officials. Later, the barangay officials brought Tomarong to the armed forces headquarters.

The Sulu Provincial police, intelligence officers of Task Group Sulu and the Criminal investigation and Detection Group of the Philippine National Police learned from the victim that she was snatched by at least six armed men in April in Pitogo, Zamboanga del Sur.

Tomarong said her employer, a wealthy bakery owner, was the original target of the kidnappers but was able to elude them, prompting the armed men to take her instead, along with two children. They were used as human shields from the responding police.

One of the children was later found dead. Tomarong said one of the armed men killed the child, who kept crying, to avoid detection by authorities.

Tomarong was able to escape when her abductors scampered after seeing several soldiers and policemen, who were conducting an operation, approaching their camp.

Colonel Arrrojado said the armed men hastily abandoned their hideout and scampered to different directions. It was during the confusion that Tomarong had the opportunity to escape.