Paris Hilton plans on suing Egyptian TV show for traumatizing plane crash prank

After screaming, crying, and fearing for her life in what may be considered one of television’s most cruel pranks, Paris Hilton expressed her plans of suing the makers of the Egyptian TV show, “Ramez in Control” (“Ramez Wakel Elgaw”).

Photo Credit: Arabian Business

In one of the program’s episodes, the 34-year-old heiress was seen to be in Dubai for a new hotel opening. She was then invited to join Ramez Galal, Egyptian actor and host of the program, and other passengers to view the city through a 15-minute jet ride.

Not long after the aircraft took off, the pilot intentionally maneuvered in such a way that it would feel like they were about to come to a devastating crash. Everyone was committed to the practical joke by acting like they were in a state of panic. Little did the American socialite know that she was the only one unaware that the entire thing was a hoax.

To escalate the situation even further, the rear door was opened and some people started jumping in parachutes. After what seemed like forever for the well-to-do personality, the small propeller plane finally lands safely.

When the fake act was finally revealed to Hilton, she looked confused and said to Galal, “I’m going to kill you.”

In between tears, she added, “I almost thought I was going to die. That has been my biggest fear my whole life, dying in a plane.”

Although her initial reaction was to laugh it off, Hilton is reportedly not happy about the death-defying stunt. As shown in a video uploaded by TMZ, Hilton appeared completely terrified about the whole incident.

Using her Twitter account, @ParisHilton, she tweeted, “Scariest moment of my life. I really believed the plane was going to crash & we were all going to die.” This post has now gained almost 1,700 ‘retweets’ and more than 2,000 ‘favorites’.