Salute: Soldier buys street children free meal, earns praises online

Photo Credit: Lapu Lapu City Facebook

MANILA, Philippines – Another simple act of kindness that will restore one’s faith in humanity, or so they say, is gaining praises and admiration online. This one involves a man in uniform in Lapu Lapu City in Cebu who, according to the Facebook post, bought two street children free meals.

Photo Credit: Lapu Lapu City Facebook

The heartwarming photo was posted on Lapu Lapu City’s Facebook account on Wednesday, July 22, and quickly went viral on social media earning more than 12,000 likes and almost 2,500 shares.

It showed an unnamed soldier sitting on a table inside a fastfood with two young boys eating what looked like a meal of fried chicken.

The caption read: One act of kindness. A friend took these photos of a man from the Philippine Air Force buying chickenjoy meals for these two street children in Jollibee, Gaisano Capital, Lapu-Lapu City.
Salute to you sir!

The soldier immediately earned praises and respect from social media people, with some saying it was an act rarely seen in many people nowadays.

“This makes me forget the corrupt politicians and proud of my countrymates who have good hearts and good values,” one commenter said.

“A lowly paid soldier but was able to offer food for street children while some corrupt politician were having a feast of taxpayers money..Thank you so much! Kudos to you Sir! God bless you more,” another wrote.

“A snappy salute to you kabaro. May God bless you and showers more blessings to you and your family,” said another who is apparently a fellow soldier.

Others, however, suggested the children should have been under the care of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) instead of being allowed to roam the streets for their own safety.