Three-year old girl in Washington shot by another child playing with a loaded gun

Three-year old Dalis Cox is described by her father, Timothy, as his “life and soul.”

In an interview with The Washington Post, Timothy narrated how on July 29, he even played and joked with his youngest daughter on their couch before setting off to work. When it was time for him to go, young Dalis also took her shoes and told her father that she wanted to come with him.

Timothy said he has to leave but promised to take her next time.

However, when evening came, Timothy received a call from his neighbor saying Dalis has been shot.

Based on the preliminary investigation of the police, Dalis died due to the result of another child finding and playing with a gun that suddenly went off.

It is still unclear who the owner of the gun is and Timothy did not want to divulge the circumstances of Dalis’ d***h to the media. Timothy did share that Dalis has two siblings aged 10 and 7, and they were very close to each other.

Dalis is the latest child to fall victim to gun-related accidents in the United States.

Last April, one-year-old Braylon Robinson from Cleveland, Ohio, was k****d after he was accidentally shot in the face by a three-year-old boy who reportedly found a gun inside a house.

In an interview with The Independent, Chief Calvin Williams of the Cleveland Police said they are trying to determine who the owner of the gun is as he is the one responsible in bringing it inside the house and leaving it unsupervised.

Williams pointed out that a three-year old cannot be held accountable for the accident.

Meanwhile in Idaho, a four-year-old boy was able to reach his father’s gun and shot himself last June.

Last December 2014, Veronica Rutledge died in Walmart when her two-year-old son was able to reach into her bag and accidentally fired the gun.