Young girl walks on all fours like a dog while on a leash at a Russian park

A disturbing video was recently uploaded by a Youtube user, Alexey Vlaskin, showing a young girl walking on all fours like a dog while being held on a leash at Zelenaya Roshcha park in Russia.

In a report by The Siberian Times, Vlaskin shared that he noticed the strange behavior while he was out walking around the park’s football field in the afternoon of July 20th. He recounted that he was observing the child and the older woman accompanying her for 10 minutes. It was then that he realized that the child was running around on all fours in a skillful manner.

Vlaskin added that he never saw her get up on her feet like a person normally would. He even remembered her running up to other kids who were hand-feeding her with bread.

The disconcerting behavior and seemingly inhumane treatment to the young girl raised concerns, leaving the authorities to investigate if there is either child abuse or mental disability on the part of both the kid and the adult involved.

Russian politician Pavel Astakhov said, ‘The representative of the children’s rights commissioner in Sverdlovsk region is sorting out the monstrous case of a girl walking on a leash.”

When the story was released to the public, an unidentified woman claimed that she recognizes the young girl and that the older woman is the child’s grandmother.

She said, “She is about 5 years old, a little aggressive yet not crazy, but like many children, she played as if she was a cat, but not to this extent of going on all fours.”

Further, the caller also tagged the grandmother as a ‘weird’ person for always wearing sheepskin coat at any given weather condition.

The police force, through Spokesman Valery Gorelykh, assured the public that proper actions will be taken once Juvenile Affairs Service specialists are done assessing the submitted video.