China police pulls out newborn baby from public toilet pipe

(Photo Credit: AFP/ The Guardian UK)

BEIJING, China – A newborn baby girl has been rescued from being stuck down the pipe of a public toilet in Beijing, reports said on Monday.

According to the reports, the authorities immediately responded at the area on Sunday after members of the public notified them about the baby’s cries.

Rescuers found the baby stuck in the sewer of the squat toilet. They initially decided to dismantle the toilet, but a police officer said it will take long for the baby to be rescued.

A police officer, identified as Qian Feng, decided to reach the baby down with his right hand and carefully pulled the infant out of the pipe.

“The baby’s head was upside down and the whole body has fallen into the sewer. I could vaguely see the baby’s feet from the side,” said Feng. “There is a right-angled pipe inside the train, and the baby was almost trapped in the horizontal pipe,” he added, as reported in the Chinese newspaper The Beijing Times.

Shortly after the rescue, the child was brought at the Beijing hospital and reports later revealed that she was not injured.

(Photo Credit: AFP/
(Photo Credit: AFP/

Traces of blood were seen around the lavatory bowl and it appears that the mother gave birth in the facility.

But since she did not report the incident about her child getting stuck in the pipe, it was suggested that the mother intentionally abandoned her baby.

The authorities said a search has been launched to find and identify the parents of the child.

In China, babies born out of wedlock are sometimes abandoned by parents due to social and financial pressures.

The country’s one-child policy may also be another reason why some babies are being abandoned by the parents. Couples who will violate the policy will expect a heavy penalty from the government.

Thousands of babies are being abandoned each year, usually in places such as public toilets and trains. However, some cities have created an area, which they call ‘baby safety island’, where they can safely leave their unwanted children.