Court charges Fil-Am teen as adult for killing, raping 8-year-old California girl

(Photo Credit: KCRA)

SANTA CRUZ, California – A teen boy was prosecuted as an adult for allegedly kidnapping, raping, and murdering 8-year-old girl Madyson ‘Maddy’ Middleton, reports said.

The accused, identified as Adrian Jerry Gonzalez, 15-year-old Filipino-American citizen, has been a******d after authorities on Monday, July 27, discovered the body of the victim in the recycling bin of the apartment complex property.

Despite being a minor, the court decided to file criminal charges against Gonzales; saying the decision was accurately made, considering the nature of crime, and how it has been committed.

“We filed charges that were legally appropriate and we are confident in our case,” Santa Cruz County District Attorney Jeffrey Rosell said.

It is noted that since he’s a juvenile, he will not be qualified to a d***h penalty. If convicted, he might carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Youth advocates, on the other hand, opposed the court’s decision to charge the accused as an adult.

“There is no way on earth that a 15-year-old could have fully comprehended what he was doing,” criminologist from University of California Barry Krisberg. “He might be able to recount the events that resulted, but the notion that he comprehended the consequences of his action flies in the face of all the science we know.”

(Photo Credit: US News)
(Photo Credit: US News)

Gonzales appeared in Santa Cruz County on Thursday for arraignment, but he did not enter a plea. The judge then pushed the schedule and ordered him to appear in court on September 21 to enter his plea.

Maddy was reported missing on Sunday afternoon; the same day the police claimed she was last seen willingly entering Gonzales’ apartment.

But during the search operations conducted around the area, the authorities found it suspicious when they noticed Gonzales lurking around a recycling bin Monday night.

Reports claimed that Gonzales lured the victim into his house, tied her up and sexually assaulted her. It was also alleged that he strangled her to d***h and disposed the girl’s body in a recycle bin outside the apartment.

Other neighbors were aghast upon learning the incident; saying the teen appeared to be a nice kid. They described him as a quiet boy and he is known in their community for his yo-yo skills.

However, one of his friends in middle school, who wished not to be identified, said Gonzales showed signs of depression and was suicidal.

Gonzales is now facing charges of murder, kidnapping, sexual assault and lying in wait.