Japan’s first cafe exclusively for stuffed toys now open

Stuffed toys also need their own day off away from their owners, or so Nuigurumi Cafe claims.

Photo Credit: Softpedia

This recently opened Japanese cafe, which is located in Tokyo, is a first of its kind because it is exclusively designed to serve plush animals, which goes without saying that humans are not allowed to be with them while they are being given some special treatment.

In a report by Huffington Post, human customers can make a reservation, mail their beloved inanimate buddies, and have them take pleasure in an overnight stay at the cafe.

For 4,968 yen, which is around $40, the stuffed toys will be provided with the standard package that is comprised of different food treats and all sorts of fun activities.

Some items on the menu include an abundant stack of pancakes, rice omelette, mixed berry smoothie, coffee, and a bottle of wine. Further, the VIP treatment begins from the moment they are picked up by a limousine to the time they arrive at the cafe where they can either socialize with other fluffy animals by engaging in games or enjoy watching shows via the cafe’s flat screen television.

Since human owners are strictly prohibited to enter the area, a photo album is then handed out to them not only so they can have an idea of what their cuddly friends did during their time away but also to provide a souvenir that can preserve the happy memories.

In addition, a ‘frequent customer card’ is also part of the package, which is being stamped every visit. Once customers acquire enough stamps, freebies like mugs and magnets are given out as prizes.

As proof that there is actually a high demand for a place where stuffed toys are given premium service, the cafe is officially booked until the middle of September.