Sharon Cuneta asking for prayers

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MANILA – “Please, may I request you to pray for me?”

These were Sharon Cuneta’s words as she asked her fans and supporters for prayers for the fast recovery of her illness.

The mega star is now at the St. Luke’s Hospital after she was advised to stay for confinement following her doctor’s warning that her persistent cough has become contagious.

The ABS CBN News reported that Cuneta on Tuesday, took to her Facebook account and revealed in her post that she has been suffering from persistent cough which, according to her, had lingered for around three weeks.

The 49-year-old singer actress said she had to take steroids for her performance in “ASAP” last August 9 where she sang together with singer Rico J. Puno and singer-song writer Rey Valera.

Mega shared, “I went on antibiotics for two of those three weeks, and I didn’t get better at all. I am always tired even when I’m not doing anything, also always dizzy, and yesterday I finally went to see my E.N.T. at Cardinal Santos. Well, now I am confined at St. Luke’s because my doc warned me that I am contagious,” she said.

She further added that she has been on an I.V. of antibiotics since she got to the hospital, but she expressed frustration over her cough which she described as “weird.”

“Weird for lack of a better word — and also really weird because I’ve never had a cough like this before. It’s a ‘hard’ cough. It is mostly quiet, but when it hits, it’s like a full-on violent attack and I actually become weak from coughing too much. And my heart…it is what I am most worried about,” said Cuneta.

As she requested for prayers, Cuneta laments being away from her children; saying “I miss my babies so much and want to be nowhere else but home right at this moment.”

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