Teen stabs own grandma to d***h, eats her heart raw

(Photo credit: Philippines Daily)

NEGROS OCCIDENTAL, Philippines – “Trip lang?” 

A 19-year-old teenager has been a******d after he k****d his own grandmother and ate her heart raw early Tuesday morning.

Reports said the suspect, identified as Ruben Fernandez Jalaman, stabbed his 85-year-old grandmother to d***h in her home in Barangay Tapi in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental.

In a report posted on Inquirer, it is said that neighbors alerted the barangay tanods (night watchmen) when they heard the elderly, identified as Olivia Rapel Jalaman, screaming for help at around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

Watchmen rushed into the old woman’s house and there they discovered the l******s body of the elderly in her home, covered with blood and with her chest ripped open.

Bukas raw ang pintuan kaya tinignan ng mga kapit-bahay,” Kabankalan City Police Chief Superintendent German Garbosa told GMA News. [The door was open so the neighbors looked in.]

Ruben was still inside the house when the neighbors and barangay officials arrived at the scene. Police officers immediately responded after watchmen called them in for assistance.

The teenager was a******d after admitting that he was the one who k****d the grandmother. He also claimed he ate her heart raw and finished it all.

Tinanong ko nga kung niluto pa, hindi raw,” Garbosa said. [I even asked if he cooked it (the heart), he said no.]

The authorities brought him at the police station for further interrogation.

Garbosa said they repeatedly asked Ruben why he k****d his grandmother and ate her heart, but he kept on saying ‘Trip lang’ (It was simply a ‘trip’).

Reports from Mark Salanga of ABS-CBN Bacolod said Ruben appeared totally normal and showed no sign of guilt after the incident.

The police added that Ruben is currently under the custody of the Kabankalan City Police District and was set to undergo drug test, as well as psychiatric test, to determine his mental health.