The square’s over: Instagram unveils widescreen feature

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Instasize is now a thing of the past.

Image sharing application Instagram announced on August 27 that more than the legendary square-sized media, it will now support pictures and videos in portrait and landscape formats.

We’re excited to announce that — in addition to square posts — you can now share photos and videos in both portrait and landscape orientation on Instagram,” the social network posted on its blog.

(Photo Credit: Instagram)
(Photo Credit: Instagram)

According to the developer, the widescreen update is especially useful when sharing video clips that can now be viewed with a “more cinematic” feel.

Just moments after the update, Disney posted a short widescreen trailer promoting the Star Wars franchise’s latest installment entitled “The Force Awakens”, which gained almost 200 thousand likes as of posting.

Meanwhile, Media Analyst Debra Aho Williamson saw the development as a means of accommodating more advertisers into the platform.

You want people to be able to see more of your ad. It’s something advertisers are definitely going to be interested in,” Williamson said.

The photo sharing site announced last June that it will open its doors to marketers who would like to share their brand to the app’s 300 million users.

In 2012, then small company Instagram was bought by the social networking giant Facebook for $1 billion in an attempt to prevent its competitors from stealing the company’s standing in the online world.

However, the site was not as income generating as expected since the site had no sufficient options to monetize its content.

Here’s a video posted by Instagram on Vimeo exhibiting the app’s newest feature:

And here’s another video showing how popular brands use Instagram in advertising: