7 people sued over dumping of 40,000 d**d chickens in Pangasinan town

Photo Credit: All-creatures
  • 40,000 d**d chicken were dumped in a Pangasinan town
  • 7 people sued for violation of Republic Act No. 90003
  • D**d chickens emitted foul odor 

PANGASINAN – Seven people are facing violation of Republic Act No. 9003 (Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000) after the police filed a complaint against them for dumping 40,000 d**d chickens in a farming village in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan province on Sunday.

Pozorrubio Police Chief Insp. Ryan Manongdo, who filed the complaint at the provincial prosecutor’s office in Urdaneta City, identified the suspects as truck driver Ryan Alexis Cabatbat and his helpers Arnel Ranghos, Jeric Mejia, Abraham Carrera and Marvin Claveria, Melchor Cabreros – owner of the poultry farm in Villasis town where the fowls came from, and Restituto Ang – owner of the lot in Barangay Nantangalan in Pozorrubio where these were dumped.

Gabriel Cardinoza of the Inquirer Northern Luzon said the chickens, which came from Barangay Capulaan, Villasis, died on Thursday due to the malfunction of the farm’s ventilation system.

Pozorrubio Mayor Artemio Chan said he had asked the owner of the poultry farm to bring back the d**d chickens to Villasis. However, the corpses remained in the village as of noon on Monday.

Domingo Masajo, the village head said the d**d chickens have been emitting foul odor causing the residents to become bothered by the stench of the d**d animals as he said that the owner was still trying to find a place where he could dump them.

Meanwhile, former Villasis Mayor Nonato Abrenica said the residents of Capulaan had disapproved that the d**d fowls be buried in their place.

According to reports, the residents had complained that flies had swarmed the village due to the operation of the poultry farm.

Masajo said a first truck loaded with d**d chickens arrived at 4 a. m. on Sunday to dump its cargo. After two hours, a second truck arrived and it was only the third truck, which arrived at 8 a. m., that they were able to stop.

Chan said the poultry farm owner has assured to clear the village of the d**d chickens by Monday. And as per a Youtube report by GMA on Monday night, the d**d chickens have reportedly been buried.