This adorable girl nails it again, tells dad not to embarrass her at a wedding

  • JoJo became an internet sensation in a viral video telling her dad she can’t be a princess
  • This time, she tells her dad he cannot embarrass her at the wedding
  • In the end, JoJo sighed in exasperation that her dad don’t understand weddings at all

From being a princess to a flower girl, JoJo’s dad can’t simply win an argument with her.

Remember the sassy little girl who tried desperately to explain to her dad why she can’t be a princess? Well, she’s at it again.

This time, she pulls aside her dad and gave him a mouthful why he should not embarrass her at a wedding. And as if that’s not enough, she stressed her point that her daddy didn’t know anything about weddings.

After capturing the heart of netizens worldwide, JoJo, the-girl-who-can’t-be-princess-because-she-doesn’t-wear-a-bracelet, is seen in another viral video launching on a litany of how a father of a flower girl should behave at a wedding.

First, she stressed flatly that her dad does not have any idea what a wedding looks like, and that he has to remember everything she said, especially on not being allowed to speak to her while she walks the aisle.

“And then you can’t call my name when I’m gonna be walking down the aisle. No one can call us because we’re gonna be busy walking down the aisle,” she explained with much emphasis with her hand gestures.

But when dad asked her if he can just call her “Princess!” instead of her name, JoJo explained in exasperation: “No, Dad! There’s going to be a bunch of people sitting and they’re going to hear us.”

“And they’re going to be like: ‘What are you doing? That is a dumb person’. And they’re not going to think you’re a good daddy,” she added.

In the end, JoJo sighed at her father who simply ‘cannot grasp’ on how he should act during the ceremony: “You do not understand weddings. At all.”

Watch the cute and adorable JoJo below telling her dad about how to be a father of a flower girl:

Also, watch her first viral video telling her dad why she can’t be a princess: