VIRAL: FB user seeks help for abused and homeless Korean living in PH

Photo Credit: B.M. Ponteras
  • Korean national was a former call center agent who lived with a Filipina girlfriend
  • He had to beg in the streets after his layoff at work and abandonment by girlfriend
  • He also has several bruises and burn marks as a result of being ‘tripped’

MANILA, Philippines – Let’s help get him home.

One concerned citizen made this plea to the online community as she seeks assistance to help bring a Korean national staying in the Philippines back to his home country after discovering his wretched condition.

According to B.M. Ponteras, the man  —a Korean national named Jun Youjin but is known to locals as Joseph— is a former call center agent who used to live with his Filipina girlfriend. However, he was rendered homeless and forced to beg in the streets of Parañaque for food and shelter after he lost his job and his girlfriend left him to fend for himself.

Ponteras also noted that Joseph is usually covered with cuts, bruises and burn marks.

“Sometimes I see him with bruises and burn marks on his body,” she wrote. “I guess he got them from wandering around or from being bullied in the streets.”

As proof, Ponteras also posted a picture of a huge burn mark on Joseph’s left arm which she said was a result of ‘tripping’ by some unscrupulous locals.

“He was burned in the arm for asking for 12 pesos,” she wrote. “He had no choice but to accept being burned in exchange for the money.”

Appealing to the public’s help, Ponteras said she hopes spreading his pictures online would allow the Korean embassy or his family to take notice and bring him back to his country.

“Please share the pictures and spread them so we can help bring Joseph back to his country,” she wrote.

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